Spend less time reading.

Stay laser-focused with a scientifically designed word pacer, that works just like using your finger on a book.

Read efficiently.

You could be reading more efficiently but your eyes are not made to read on screens. You skip words, re-read paragraphs, and lose your focus. However, Fready’s scientifically designed pointer lets your eyes stay laser focused while your mind processes all the information. Read more efficiently and stop wasting time.

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The speed reading app to help you read what you don't have time to.

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There are dozens of different articles and posts, each promising to be the “Ultimate Guide to launching on Product Hunt.” While the intentions of the authors are good and most of the recommendations accurate, each article unwittingly contains misinformation that we’ll address throughout this post.

Works eveywhere.

For Books

Get through those chapters faster and comprehend eveything.

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Read faster

Speed reading without losing comprehension thanks to the scientifically designed pointer.

Reach flow state

Get fully immersed in your reading as your eyes are guided with laser precision.

Stay Organised

Your saved articles, books and reading history organized in one place.


Set your pace.

Adjust the pacer's speed to your exact preference and stop worrying about reading ahead of it.

Customise it.

Make it yours with a complete toolset for adjusting the pointer to your preferences.

Simulating the eyes, the pacer recognizes and moves faster over small words like he, she, it but will slow down burdensome or long words like Lysergic acid diethylamide.

Intelligent Pacer

If you'd slow down on a hard word, the pacer would too. It recognises and adjusts the speed based on word context.

Auto Scroll.

Keep your hands off the keyboard and get immersed in the text as Fready automatically scrolls for you.

Your reading habits.

See you reading habits and check how you can improve.

Share with friends.

Keep your hands off the keyboard and get immersed in the text as Fready will automatically scroll for you.

The Science Behind it.

Read the science behind reading and why Fready is the only effective speed reading app . Might be in the 4th dimension.

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A better reading experience shouldn't cost you anything


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Pro for books

Get through your books faster by maintaining your focus.


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